Health Insurance

Private Patient


A health insurance reimburses the insured either fully or partially for the costs of treatment in case of illness, maternity and accidents.

The health insurance is either legally compulsory (compulsory insurance) or voluntarily lockable (individual insurance). The health insurance premium depends on the chosen service offer of the insured.
Here in Tenerife, or Spain, there is no possibility of supplementary insurance, you only have the choice of the statutory health insurance or a private health insurance.

There are two types of health insurance in Spain:



Connected doctors and clinics



Connected Doctors and Clinics
Free doctor or clinic choice


Private health insurance offers you insurance cover tailored to your needs. In any case, you can rely on a suitable insurance cover that offers many advantages. You can count on the services listed on the right as a private patient.

  • Preferred Treatment
  • Free choice of doctor
  • Comprehensive services
  • Job protection

We work with leading companies such as Adeslas, Allianz, Axa, DKV and Mapfre.