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The company of Monika & Jorge Thieme was founded in 1988. The office and the team have been growing steadily ever since their inception. Since 2002 we have our office in the Edificio Retama , in the residential area La Paz (Puerto de la Cruz).

Broker 7 islas is a registered trademark of the J. Thieme SL, an insurance broker
based in Tenerife, but with approved certifications for the whole of Spain.

  • 1988 Examination as official insurance broker

    Jörg Thieme successfully completes his training as an insurance broker.
  • 1988 First steps

    • General agent of Winterthur in Puerto de la Cruz.
    • First office at Plaza del Charco.
  • 1998

    Monika Thieme joins the company.
  • 1990 Moving to Calle Aceviños in La Paz

    Hiring another employee.
  • 1997 Time to say goodbye

    The insurance company Winterthur is bought by Credit Suisse.
  • 1998 Founding of J.Thieme SL

    Broker 7 islas (J.Thieme SL) is now an independent insurance broker.
  • 2002 Moving to a new office

    • Relocation to the current and own office on Calle Retama 1, also in La Paz.
    • Hiring another team member.
  • 2005 New employee

    • In 2005, our team expanded by a new consultant.
    • In 2013, he successfully completed his training as an insurance broker.
  • 2018 Takeover

    Expansion through the acquisition of a Liberty agency.
  • 2018 New employees

    Our team grows by 2 new employees in the office and field service.
  • 2019 Name change

    The company was renamed into Broker7Islas SL.
  • 2020 Expansion

    Between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 the office was renovated and enlarged.

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