Pension Provision

Month after month extra money for as long as you live – possible with a private pension.


Life expectancy in Europe is increasing and has almost doubled in the last 150 years. This long life should be secured. Compared to other forms of investment, private pension insurance is a safe bet because we pay as long as you live.

With a private pension, you can grow as old as you want! You enjoy the security of a guaranteed extra monthly income. For your relaxed retirement.


And that is how it works:


After regular payment of contributions, your lifelong private pension begins at an individual time. Month after month - guaranteed. In addition to tax benefits and individual design possibilities, a surplus participation supplements the guaranteed benefits. Once credited profit shares can no longer expire, substantial losses such as an equity investment are excluded.

Instead of a lifelong pension, you can also choose a one-time capital payment. A combination of both is also possible, meaning that one part will be paid immediately, while the other will be paid as a lifelong pension. Additionally, there is also the option, to determine a temporary pension.