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Broker 7 islas is your reliable partner when it comes to investing.
Don’t let chance dictate your choice of the appropriate system.

In our differentiated range of open-ended real estate funds to equity funds you will find the right funds depending on your investment objective and investment mentality. Fund products have gained significantly in popularity in recent years. Investing in mutual funds is a convenient way to realize your individual investment needs.

If you would like to know more details about investing your money, just take a look at our offer concerning the fund investment.


Asset Growth


Whether you want to save for old age, save on education, buy a new car, or fulfill your lifelong dream of your own home. For each goal, you need at least a "small fortune". In order to realize this accumulation of assets, you not only need the right form of investment, but also the necessary perseverance for regular savings.
Even small amounts deserve attention and should be created smarter than on the passbook or in the savings stocking. Would you like to know how much you have to invest today so that the required amount of money is available at the desired time?

Even with small amounts, private investors can have an investment based on the principle of risk diversification. For every investment request, there are the appropriate investment funds. The investment idea allows you to take advantage of the return opportunities of the entire capital market.
And if you already have specific goals, you should also think about an investment strategy.

At Broker 7 islas we will gladly help you find the right path to more assets.




You already have a fortune and would like to use the most diverse investment opportunities in the capital market, so that your assets continue to increase.

You want to stay flexible to respond quickly to new situations. At the same time, you are attracting the attractive return opportunities of the stock market. In this case, we recommend investing in funds.

As individual as you are as varied is the range of funds on the securities market. Fund type, investment focus, risk class - you know your priorities best.

Depending on personal interest, there are various ways to realize your investment strategy. Especially when it comes to your investment, it is important to calculate exactly.


Investment Strategy


Your investment strategy forms the basis for your asset accumulation or investment. The investment is always "right" if it adapts to your ideas. In addition to your investment objective and the desired investment duration, your attitude towards earnings opportunities and possible fluctuations in value is of great importance.
We have developed a personal securities analysis sheet for you that complies with the German Securities Trading Act

so that you can see at a glance what opportunities and risks are associated with investment funds. With the new investment, you can determine yourself which risk type you are, with our free analysis check. Afterwards, you will receive an individual investment recommendation.
In the final risk classification and the selection of investment funds, our advisors will support you.


Through our strong financial partners, we have a comprehensive
product offering concerning investment and wealth planning.

We see ourselves as a competent partner for financial investments of any kind.
We would like to welcome you to our office in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)
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