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Vehicle insurance

1Which insurance documents do I have to carry in the vehicle?
We recommend taking the valid bank debit receipt with you. Although it is no longer punishable if you are not able to present it in a traffic control, it prevents unnecessary inconvenience. Furthermore, we recommend having a form of the accident report in the car, which you received from us with your insurance documents. Last but not least, we recommend to have the service number of the insurance company at hand, incase you need a towing service. The company will only meet the costs if the service is ordered by the company, not when you independently commission a towing service.
2Who is allowed to drive my car?
Usually also people that are not mentioned in the policy are allowed to drive the car. Exceptions are novice drivers and young people. Since the age limits differ from company to company, we ask you to clarify this with us in advance.
3Why should I insure my car in Spain for a fully comprehensive insurance?
Even though insurance is also compulsory in Spain, unfortunately there are still a lot of uninsured vehicles on the road. If you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle, your comprehensive insurance occurs. If you have no fully comprehensive coverage, the Spanish insurance consortium would step in, but with a high deductible and, as experience shows, years of waiting time.
4Is the coverage for liability and partial coverage automatically included in the comprehensive insurance premium?
Yes, if we offer you a premium for a fully comprehensive insurance, this is always the overall premium.
5Is my no-claim discount from abroad recognized?
There is no uniform refund system in Spain, as in some other European countries. However, the companies we work with acknowledge refunds from abroad on a pro-rata basis. All we need is an current confirmation from your insurer abroad with the name of the person entitled to the discount and the level of the no-claim discount.
6How should I behave in a traffic accident?
We always recommend, if it is not a minor damage, to call the police. If there were any witnesses of the accident, this can be a great help in the settlement of claims. In addition, we advise you to fill in the form of the accident report you received from us with your contract (in Spanish).


Household & liability

1Why do I have to insure a part of the building, even though the owner community already has insurance?
It is true that most property communities have insurance for the building (a so-called comunidad policy), but coverage is often insufficient. A common recurring problem are the water pipes in their own apartments.
2To what amount should I insure my contents, furniture and fixtures?
You should set this sum in such a way that it can replace your household contents in the case of a "total damage" (eg by a fire) as it was before the damage occurred.
3Are storm damages also insured?
Yes, either directly through the insurance company or (from certain wind speeds) through the insurance syndicate.
4Why do premiums increase annually?
Apart from the fact that the insurance companies are affected by the general price increases, these are always reinstatement insurance. This means that your insurance sums are adjusted annually to avoid being underinsured at some point.


Health insurance

1What should I pay particular attention to in private health insurance in Spain?
One of the most important topics is the non-termination clause in a private health insurance, which unfortunately is not the case for a lot of companies in Spain. If a customer becomes too "expensive" at some point (due to illness or old age), the company often cancels the contract. Getting a new or continuing policy with another company is then usually no longer possible or comes with significant restrictions.
2To which doctors can I go with my private health insurance?
Basically, you can consult all doctors who work with the respective insurance company. With the extended rates you can also visit those doctors and clinics that are not affiliated with the insurance company. However, these are always private doctors and private clinics, as statutory doctors and clinics of the social security system are not included.



1Do I need a NIE–number, to conclude an insurance contract?
Yes, it is an essential prerequisite, that you have a Spanish tax identification number.


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