Accident Insurance

As flexible as your life.


Whether you are still in education or working, whether you are single, want to marry or start a family - accident insurance protects you against the consequences of an accident, both acute in the case of medical emergencies, and long-term in the event of minor or severe disability. In addition, your accident insurance will grow with you and your professional and personal goals.

We explain to our customers in an understandable way what is important for your specific protection and we endeavor to keep this information clearly presented so that you know what is insured when – or not. Because an accident insurance covers only their own damage regardless of a question of guilt. For damages against others there is the liability insurance.

However, the exact scope of benefits depends on the insurance contract. Accident insurance should, therefore, be tailored very individually and adjusted according to the life situation. We are happy to advise you in our office in Puerto de la Cruz.

Accident insurance covers, among other things:

  • Medical expenses (including primary care, medical treatment and rehabilitation)
  • Accident-related costs such as ambulance transport
  • Longer-term follow-up costs, such as compensation for permanent physical impairment (in the sense of a sorrow)
  • Care needs in the form of care allowances
  • Retraining in case of occupational disability
  • Disability Pensions and Death Benefit for the Survivors

Deaths due to
accidents at work


Millions (globally)