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The household insurance is a property insurance and offers you insurance coverage for the inventory (household effects) of your household. These are e.g. furnishings and consumables. The household contents insurance cover on the one hand property damage such as fire, water, storm, burglary, and vandalism, as well as additional costs incurred during cleanup or temporary accommodation in a hotel.

Usually, the insurance of the household is closed to the replacement value. That is, the insurance company replaces the cost of obtaining equivalent items in mint condition.

Insurance for your home or apartment should include basic elementary warranty benefits from the table (right).

By the way, instead of just taking out a private liability insurance for 70 €, you might want to consider a household insurance, as a private liability is already included in the price.

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  • Fire, explosion, lightning
  • Storm, floods, vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Burglary, theft
  • Glass breakage
  • Overvoltage / electric
  • Raid outside the house
  • Liability for the home and the entire family
  • Pets
  • Legal protection